aimbotter killed me

ive got a screenshot of the killed screen

This dude teleported in my bunker, aimbotted me and my friend and looted all our stuff.

everytime i come back he aimbots me again i hope u can do anything with this screenshot =/

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread/a screenshot isn't proof of an aimbot lol." - postal))

that screenshot is such a good proof

That wont prove anything, i mean anyone could shoot you in the head…

lmfao i was curious how you screenshot an aimbot, then I saw your jpg… +1 for making me laugh

Is this a joke? I don’t get it.

The guy got screwed by a hacker and this is the best he could get. Stop bashing him, fucking children.

This is funny, because I got killed by the exact same person. He seemed to have unlimited C4s and would headshot anything at sight.

Yes, he is hacking all that wallloot stuff and aimbot. We met him on one of the french servers that were spared, luckylie the admins banned him quite fast.

this is dumb anyone could just shoot you in the head