Aiming Deadzone and Freelook?

I’ve been playing a lot of ArmA II and I was wondering : It would be awesome if Gmod had an aiming deadzone. It would add a bit to realisticity, and make the player’s view less stiff. Insurgency did this with their guns and it worked fine. There could be a slider to define how much of a deadzone you want, so if you wanted to build, you could zero out the slider and it would be as if the deadzone was never there. Another idea I came up with was freelook. This would of course go hand-in-hand with the Deadzone and it could make you feel more involved with the game if you ever wanted to play a horror game and you didn’t want whatever’s following you to notice that you are looking around. The dead zone in of itself should be possible, because insurgency did it. Just wanted to throw the idea out there.
-Thanks for reading this.

I’m fairly certain deadzone and freelook are the same thing.

There’s this pack, it’s pretty good.

This is similar, but it would be better as an actual script/addon. Freelook is when your head is completely independant from the gun, so you can keep the gun aimed somewhere and yet still look around.

I have no idea if that’s possible, I think it has to be done with each individual SWEP or something. All I’ve got though, I’m not a scripter.