Aiming delta force (edit needed)


Dont rate yourself artistic mate.
You obviously did because its 1 minute ago and you already got 2 ratings. 1 dumb from me.

By the way the picture is nice but empty and boring.


Oh come on


Dude you posted and had 1 artistic immedeatly but this is not artistic because its just an empty posing.
You obviously rated yourself.

This is a great thread. Interesting read.


Great picture too. Well done. You get an artistic from me.

Lol what the actual fuck he removed everything.
The Combine won the thread!! I am a sneeky little spy that finds self raters.

You can’t win a thread.

Rated my self informative. :smug:

You really had to ruin it huh?
I rated you informative as well :smug: