Aiming problem.

Hi guys!I have a problem on legacy rust cracked.I can shoot with any gun but when I am in aiming mode it just doesnt let me to shoot.My mouse is ok it doesnt have any problems.I tried to reinstall rust but nothing.I just cant play like this.Can someone help me I would be very happy if there would be a solution.Thank you!

Legacy rust cracked?


so it’s a cracked version of legacy?

never heared of a cracked version :v:

You just get it from kickasstorent and you dont need to buy it from steam but you play only on cracked servers.But i think this problem does not have to do with cracked legacy i think this problem can appear on buyed rust too.So please help me.

nah, you probably want to try the vendor who cracked that version of rust. once it’s hacked, all bets are off.

Maybe a Dev can help you :smug:

Just buy it bro, it’s 7e on reduction right now on steam.

And how do i buy it?With a 6e paypal code?

your either daft or just crazy coming official forum with a stolen copy of rust asking for help dude