Air Bubble

Late last year I was just flicking through the treads and someone(I can’t remember who) was making a air bubble.

The idea was that for submarines and boats they could go underwater and remove the water entirely.

It was going well then the creator got a new computer and just disappeared.

He had got rid of the particles and the water effects. it was almost done and like I said he disappeared.

Has anyone carried on his work? If so who and where are you?
If not, can anyone find the old thread because it, like him, has disappeared.

I think he stopped because he had to turn on sv_cheats

This idea has been said on fp alot of times. In other threads and has had alot of names for it in the past. I would advise trying to learn how to do it yourself because I don’t think anyone will take up the idea. If you wona learn how to lua code just google how to lua code gmod.

I wish you good luck :slight_smile:

So , noone is making it? Im dreaming about mod like this .

Oh well.
I better get c++ back and re-start learning.
thank for the info. :slight_smile:

The thing is. Most people are dreaming about this but everyone who can lua code either knows they carn’t do it are to lazy or just don’t want to try. It does sound like something hard to do because. Water is a brush and so is nearly everything els moving the water would mean being able to move everything els too.

It’s easier said than done.