Air Exchange Arena for Half-Life: Alyx

Hi there! Just wanted to share a map I made for Half-Life: Alyx. It’s a re-imagining of a certain area from the cut Air Exchange chapter from Half-Life 2. It’s an arena style gamemode that uses a few well-known prefabs from the community such as the Zombies gamemode and the Vending Shop prefab, all which can be found in the addon’s description.

Air Exchange Arena:

The lighting looks kind of off, but I guess it’s because of lightmap resolution(?)
Regardless, there’s definitely some work still to be done. I don’t know if S&Box is capable of loading HLA assets the same way Garry’s Mod could, but I can see an expanded version of this map serving as a possible deathmatch map.


Dude, I love Half-Life 2 Beta, this is really cool. though I do think (from the screenshots) I think there needs to be more of that “green fog” aesthetic if that’s possible, like this.

Agreed. Still trying to figure out how to use fog properly on Source 2. Source 1 fog was a breeze, but I guess it’s harder with S2 because there’s less 3kliksphilip-styled tutorials teaching on the basics of the Hammer 2 editor.

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True, plus it’s hard to adjust, if you haven’t tried maybe look at when they went into the fog on the god rays tutorial here. It’s better than nothing lol

Yeah, I’ll definitely be taking a look at that. Hopefully I can also figure out why the lighting looks cool on the editor but sucks in-game.

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source 2 is just hard with lighting from my experience tbh, you gotta do a lot more than you’d think to make it look RTX RAYTRACING 16K

Imagine compiling a map for 12 hours. This build was made using 2048 lightmap resolution and it still took like almost 3 hours.

“After melting my CPU, I can say that this map still looks like shit” lol

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UPDATE: I managed to fix the lighting issues. I had completely forgotten that lightmap scale in faces was a thing, and for some reason every single face in the map was set to -3, whereas the default is 0. Lighting is a lot smoother now, but there’s always room to improve.

Here’s a few screenshots for the new version (these screenshots have replaced the old ones in the workshop page as well, so there’s no direct comparison).

Hope this helps anyone that might have had trouble with lighting on Source 2. Even the simplest details can ruin a map’s appearance.

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