Air Exchange from the HL2 Leak.
Temp filesmelt link.[release]
Contents: Air Exchange Map, You chose the economy package you twit.
Requirements: EP2, Ep1(THIS IS ABSOLOUTELY REQUIRED). Nothing else/
*** Geogzm and Butthurter for talking to me while i finished this.**
I’ve had this rolicking around in my map folder for about half a month so i thought i should release it.[/release][/thumb]

Yeah. I’ve worked with some of the Airex maps before in the past. Pretty interesting concept. Nice work fixing it up.

Wait what the fuck? why is claiming the file is being mirrored?

Fucking hell. Here’s a temporary Filesmelt link.


Wait so what is this exactly

A wc mappack map with fixed textures. A good one too.

A fixed map from the HL2 beta. Read Raising the Bar and google it if you want to find out more about the HL2 development, it’s pretty exciting.

Pretty interesting .zip name.
“Air Exchange
PS. You owe me ten quid and if you don’t pay up, Harry The Bastard’s coming 'round to break your kneecaps. Oh, and if you try and leave the country he’ll break your legs”

Isn’t the title a big enough clue?

HL2 Leak. There was no Beta. The Leak is just the dev files for 1999-2002 HL2. There was no 2003 HL2, it was just retail, Ditto with the so-called “beta.”