Air-Infantry Turret

btw, didn’t mean to confuse anyone with name. The name means Air-Infantry turret.

This is my rough version of my turret, I just wanna see what people think before I go into total detail of this turret. Fully controllable, 180 Degrees front to back, 360 Degrees left and right.

Also, playing around with guns. Not sure which one I want to put on.

Tell me what you think!

Angle 1:

Angle 2:

Demonstration Video:

Excuse the music, I didn’t realize it was on when I was recording.

title should be “Anti-Air & Personnel Turret”, it tricks people into thinking that it’s a turret that has artificial intelligence.

also, no offense, but this has been done a thousand(not kidding) times before.

Yeah, it probably has. I just wanted to take a throw at it. I love making turrets in Garry’s Mod.

I realize the name is confusing. Ima’ change it.

Get the fuck out of here

Needs E2.

Get out.

its just numpad controlled turret …

this man makes a strong argument

You slapped a bunch of PHX together with a GCombat weapon.

This is not thread worthy, Use E2 or do so guidance or Mouse Aim or something that hasn’t been done a half million times before.

If you just want to test the waters, it’s fine. But hardly worth a release.

I have an epic mouse-aimed turret using applyForce that’s crazy accurate, and frankly I just haven’t even released that E2. So just a turret in general is often not enough.

Though guys, quit the “GTFO” - don’t need to flame a builder who’s clearly not a troll or minge.

No, gtfo, we don’t help people impove here at FP.

(User was banned for this post ("gtfo" - Benji))

I almost forgot how elitist the contraptions sub-forum is.

put it on a boat. That belongs on a boat.

I suggest a elitist-jackass sub-forums.