Air-izer stool

I’m from France, i have a server on gmod.
I don’t know if the air-izer stool it’s possible to make but i’m waiting this addon.
If anyone have any information on this way, contact me please :slight_smile:

You maen making props into AIR, instead of water like the waterizer stool, or making an air bubble?

Seeing as how making props above water into air is accomplished with the remover tool, I think he means air bubbles in water (for say an underwater base).

I’m sorry to say I don’t know how to do that though.

If you go onto the water-izer thread you will see so many posts about the air-izer and you will see what he means. I so want this.

I think its not possible

Thanx for your quicly reply.
I talking about well of “air-bubble” for “Under-Water Bases” or “sub-marines”.
I think it’s not possible on Source Graphic motor, but i hope.
(Sorry for my english …)