Air Node tool, maybe? Example shown

Sorry if my typings a bit off, I’m shivering like hell here.

I don’t know. I would like an air-node tool.

Find the height that air nodes go, and make a tool out of it.

You press ‘Mouse 1’ on the ground, and when placed a blue ball will be placed where the air node is.

There should be a drop-down menu though.

For example:

There are 2 Air Nodes in this drop down menu.

Helicopter Node (Combine Helo, Gunship/dropship for example)
Tall Node (strider’s node)

For the strider, there is a fixed height. If you select his node, you just click mouse-1 somewhere and it’ll stay on his thing. So for example on Flatgrass, I place 5 nodes on the ‘ground’ (that are at the required height for a strider’s air node) and they’ll be at the same height. No matter how high I want it, it’s gonna stay level.

For displacements/hills/other, the air node would change height but technically still be the same height, at level. No matter what.

For the Helicopter Node, it’s got a fixed minimum height (suitable) but can be adjusted for higher noding.

Example pictures:

Strider Nodes: Straight, level things. Can go in left/right/diagonal directions, but can’t go up/down by demand, so Striders can walk without being stopped

Actual Air Nodes for Helo’s and such: Can go in any direction as seen here, it can go from lower, to left-diagonal upwards, etc

In the tool, there should be a link ability. Right-Click one node and right-click again on another, to cancel either switch stools or <insert key here>. Linking one node with another might cause something bad, so if it’s linked with two nodes already then it can’t be linked with it, the node either has to have no linked or one linked node to be able to link.

Can also select multiple NPC’s for different pathways, like this;

-I spawn 3 gunships.
-On the first one, I left-click it, select a colour for it’s nodes, and set the nodes. I decide to link the last node with the first one, so it loops.
-I do the same with the second one, I select a red colour for it’s nodes.
-Again, but this time with a yellow one.

After I’ve set my keys to each one, I press ‘1’ for Gunship #1. He starts looping.
I press ‘3’ for Gunship #2. He starts flying to the other side of the map.
I press ‘enter (keypad)’, Gunship #3 starts looping.

Do the same with the striders. Oh, and by the way, please respond. It took ages thinking of this. It started out as a few sentences thread but it turned out to take 1 and a half hours to type and think of this.

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Iunno man it seems p. hard

It sounds hard 'cause I put alot of words in it.

I don’t know for sure, but wouldn’t the nodes be considered “prefabs” ?(lol spell fail, is that how they are spelled?)

i saw a thread somewhere in requests, someone told someone about a mod (ulx maybe?) and you could spawn prefabs

If a guy can make an NPC ground node tool for ground NPC’s with legs I’m sure air nodes can be done. There was one stool but it broke ages ago.

Silverlan is already making this as part of his Half Life Renaissance: Reconstructed snpc pack: (look through the thread, he talks about it a lot)
I’m not sure that it will work for gunships, dropships and heli’s because I don’t think they use air nodes. So, just wait a couple of weeks until he releases it and you will have your node tool, with the bonus of being able to create ground nodes aswell.