Air Pocket STool [Request][Simple]

Can some one make a tool that when you use the tool on a prop anyone very close to it or inside the radius of it is not affected by the Gun Muffle,Visual effects,Water Gravity and Mic Muffle making it seem like your in air pocket when you really aren’t.

CheckBox: Near Radius? (Default is checked, This makes it so when you are near the prop your not affected by Water)
CheckBox: Inside? (Default is checked, This makes it so if your inside the prop your not affected by Water)
Slider: Near Radius (Default is 50, This allows you to change how far the near radius is)

Thank you for Considering to make this.

I would also like something like this :smiley:

There is no in-game way to make an area normally underwater be free from water- the others, I am uncertain about.

no what this does is fake a empty pocket if you read it you would understand what i ment.

I remember a huge effort mounted a while back to get something like this to work. It ended up being way too much work to be practical and the project was scrapped.

Since your a gold member… ill give up on this fantasy. Thank you for your help SGTNAPALM.

Yeah, this really wouldn’t be feasible with the current engine

Bullshit. Its perfectly doable, maybe not directly, but there are other shady ways of doing it. For instance:
Prop->Hit with air pocket stool->Nocollide prop->set material to airish type thing->check if player is in or colliding with the prop->counteract gravity mod and remove water overlay and sound.
Maybe not simple, but there is no reason this shouldn’t be possible.

Nope, that wont work at all. this is impossible

Remove the water overlay and sound effect? How would you achieve that? Unless I’m mistaken this isn’t something you can modify with Lua.

you can fix the DSP, but the overlay is very annoying to get rid of

OOO i got it use a blank overlay over the water overlay :slight_smile: