Air Resistance/Friction - I NEED YAR HELP

So I’m creating a UAV (aerial vehicle - just a prop that can fly basically) in Garry’smod. The thing itself does not use thrusters, hoverballs, or wire. It is only welds and hydraulics and ropes and shit.

I already got it to fly forward, sideways, up and down, with yaw controlled rotation as well. (i know cool huh with only these tools?)

BUT I HAVE A PROBLEM. The setup I’ve built maintains its velocity. For instance - I hit the forward key (8). The thing begins to move forward, its acceleration jumping to +X instantly. It slowly reaches a certain velocity. Now, if I’d want to disable this forward motion and bring it to a stop, I will not be able to just tap 8 again. I’ll have to disable the forward acceleration with 8, and toggle backwards acceleration with 2. Therefore, bringing the thing to a full stop is fucking complicated and hard, especially when you’re working with X Y and Z dimensions.

I am therefore looking for a way to bring the thing to a stop. I believe this could be achieved via some prop/entity that has air resistance or friction, whatever you wana call it. We all know hoverballs - they have an air resistance slider. That’s exactly what I’m looking for, only I am limited to in-game addons and in-game tools. Is there any prop with a default air resistance setting, or a default tool in-game I could use to achieve freezing of velocities? Or some special technique, or Gmod Physics bug I can take advantage of?

Do you want to use wiremod? Because this would be really easy to do. I mean, applyforce and stuff.

No, no wiremod at all. Even if I would want to use it, I can’t.

Pure vanilla you can call it.

Then I’m a worthless piece of shit in this thread, I can’t help you.

All props have air resistance by default in Garry’s Mod. I haven’t the slightest clue how your trying to achieve all this, but if you need more air resistance and don’t want to hoverballs, you can try lowering the weight of the contraption’s props - this makes air resistance have a much greater effect.

Hell, attaching large, flat and low-weight props perpendicular to each axis and no-gravving them might even be enough.

For reference, spawn a chain-link fence and drop it, see how slowly it falls.

I have done just that procedure with the same prop too. Once it’s welded into another prop/entity the effect just vanishes.

why cant you use all the tools you use to make a plane normally?


Increase the projected area of your machine and decrease it’s mass. Drag increases with the square of the velocity and linearly with area. So you double the area and the drag doubles. It also means that you’ll have twice the drag when moving forward, so your speed will decrease by 41%. By decreasing the mass you allow the drag to decelerate your machine faster so if you half the mass you’ll half the time it takes to stop. It changes linearly.

If you don’t know what projected area is here’s an image:

Take note that the geometry of an object and it’s orientation relative to it’s direction motion affects the projected area. A flat plate moving on it’s side has very little projected area but if it’s flipped 90 degree it has quite a bit.