Air Strike - Laser Missile

This is an Effect SWep I made.
Can be used in movies and for the enjoyment of others
Was thinking of adding a better, self made effect I’ve been working on
But not sure yet.
Reason why Im posting is because I want others to download this
test it
and make it even better than the effect I intended it to be.
This is one of my first works I felt like releasing, so please, don’t be too harsh, we all have to start somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks pretty neat. Testin er out now

nice work there, once I get steam working again, you got my download.

Give credit to Failure for the bunker buster model and particles.

I did inside

no one gave me an opinion
Is it just good enough to play with
and thats all?

(Yes, I know this is a 2 week old thread I’m bumping… please don’t ban me.)

You should post this in Garry’s Mod > Lua Scripting > RELEASES > SWep Releases, seeing as it’s a SWep release.

This will receive more attention and criticism there.

Got my Dload, well done.