Air Supply [PVP/SLP/CUSTOM DROPS WOW- A True Low-Tech Server]

Hello, I decided to put my money where my mouth was and buy a Rust server to run my mods on! So this is gonna be the craziest, best Rust server in all the land. We’re PVP & Sleepers, based in Dallas, just freshly wiped, should be fun to start out. It’s a 50 slot server that’s recently wiped and will not see a wipe until we’re forced to do one. You can connect to it at I’m not the sort of loser who gets off on hitting people with the uber hatchet, so that’s good.

But what makes it special? WELLLLLL


Airdrops are set to spawn with at least 20 players online. The loot table for airdrops have been reworked entirely. Airdrops now have one goody and one kit.

THE GOODY is usually 1 C4 or 1 research kit, but SOMETIMES it’s 2 C4.
The kit is a bunch of items centered around a theme. It could be a big cache of ammo and grenades, or it could be a few modern weapons and mods. It COULD be a pair of blueprints that you can’t get anywhere else!


Explosives don’t drop ANYWHERE, so C4 is now uncraftable. C4 drops in most supply drops, has a 1% chance of being in a green box, and a 1 in 400 chance from dropping off a zombie. That’s it, that’s the only places you can get C4.


Research kits are available in air drops pretty regularly (but not every time), and are rare drops from white boxes in rad towns. That’s the only place to get them! It’s rough, but by extending how long it takes players to get all the recipes they want, you tend to rely on what you find on the ground more! It makes the game scarier but also more fun.


No kevlar blueprints anywhere. Kevlar items only spawn (occasionally) from air drops, and as ultra-rare drops from white boxes. A full set of kevlar recipes is a lofty goal!


Leather and leather blueprints drop from zombies and green boxes, radsuits and radsuit blueprints drop from zombies and red boxes. I’m pretty sure it’s somewhat easier to get recipes for both of these things than in vanilla.


9mm’s and 9mm blueprints are rare drops from zombies, crates, and occasional drops from green boxes. Shotguns are occasional drops from green boxes, other modern weapons are occasional drops from white boxes. Flashlights and silencers are occasional drops from white boxes, laser sights and holo sights are occasional drops from green boxes. 9mm ammo is available from zombies, crates, green and white boxes. Shotgun ammo is available from green boxes, 556 is available from white boxes. All of the above drop with some regularity from supply drops. Blueprints for all of the above drop from supply drops and nowhere else. All ammunition drops in rather lower numbers than before, except in supply drops where you’ll sometimes find a monster cache.


Stuff’s changed all over, come try it out and have fun!

We’re up & running through the DDOS and we’ve got several people online- come try us out!

EDIT: Sorry guys didn’t realize there’d been an update- we’re now on the latest version.

Is the server in NA, Australia, EU, etc ?

And how did you modify your server? Is there a guide somewhere?

This server is Dallas-based, I’ll put that in the OP, thanks!

Dang, sorry, guys. My lack of sleep lately caught up with me last night and I fell asleep before the update came out. Air Supply is up and running again, lag-free as far as I can tell.

As for how the server was modded, the server is running both VACuum and DropParty.


There’s instructions on how to set those up on your server in the threads.

Things have slowed down since we had a captive audience during the DDOS, but we have a core group that’s having fun right now, we’ve had ~10 players all night, and I’ve cut the airdrop players to 10. I’ll increase it when our community increases in size.

Just started today on this server and i’m loving every minute of it.

Hey guys, we just restarted the server to make some loot changes, I"m pretty sure that this is the last change we’ll have to make:

  • I slightly cut the spawn rates of shotguns and m4’s again, but slightly increased the spawn rates of MP5s and mods.
  • I increased the spawn rates of pickaxes and made them drop off zombies.
    -I cut the rates of rad suits & blueprints out of red boxes. They should hopefully still be easy to get, but they were so common that they were clogging inventories and making red boxes less interesting.
  • Blood now spawns in red boxes.
  • Sheets of paper now spawn in red boxes as ultra-rare drops.
  • Sheets of paper no longer spawn next to research kits in green boxes.
  • Kevlar armor pieces were accidentally a rare drop from whiteboxes. They’re now a 1% drop from white boxes. That is, a 1% chance any piece of any type will drop.
  • Slightly increased the rate all crate rares (grenades, large storage boxes, pick axes) drop from crates.
  • Drastically cut the quantity of air drop rewards. Luckily I was the only one to grab the first airdrop’s rewards :slight_smile: I got two crates from an airdrop and ended up with a full suit of kevlar, half a stack of 556, a stack of grenades, a C4, and a research kit. WOAH.
  • Cut the likelihood that the airdrop goodie is a research kit, but research kits now spawn with 2-3 sheets of paper. SLIGHTLY increased the likelihood that the airdrop goodie is 2 C4’s.

The changes are really working out, I think! We got about 15 players online now, come join us!

Server’s been down again, for most of the day.

It’s back up. The good news abou tthese DDOS outages is that we get put back up as soon as they stop null-routing us without me having to do anything.

Yo, CanVox it doesn’t look like the server has been up for a few days now. Any word?

Hi, we were down because of a mix of DDOS’s and some (I feel) bad decisions on the part of our hosts on how to handle mods. We’re back up with a new host, a wiped map, and some drop table improvements!

New host/IP:
New Slot Count: 128!
DDOS Protection: Yup!

Drop Table Changes:

  • Consumables got the nerf bat! Especially pills.
  • Paper is gone from the map.
  • Fixed a bug where air drops would sometimes give you 2-3 research kits.
  • The 9mm Pistol has taken the fairly-common place of the MP5. MP5s drop like P250s now.
  • 9mm Pistols and BPs are somewhat more common out of white boxes now than MP5s were.
  • Ammo drops have been cut again, a bit.
  • I’ve reduced the discrepancy in drop rates between the most and least common pieces of Leather & Rad Suit gear, Leather & Rad Suit BPs.
  • Super-rare stuff like Research Kits & Kevlars are marginally even less common out of white boxes.
  • I added a bunch of new types of crap (leather, ores) to junk boxes and zombies.

The server has a hacker on it. He has several aliases, mostly Esteban Winsmore, and Chargglez Firecaster and he speedhacks, and aimbots. He 1v7ed me and my friends and took all of our Kevlar and M4’s. Steam Profile:
Just hoping an admin could hop on and ban him. He has 2 other friends that live with him and are friends with him on Steam, but i have not seen them hacking. Here are there Steam profiles:

Yes I have Seen The Hacker (Esteban Winsmore, or Chargglez Firecaster) he does in fact have aimbot and speed hacks as he almost flew across the road to shoot me. He is Currently on the server denying his hacks but almost 10 people are accusing him. He needs to be banned before any else get killed.