"Air Support Inbound"

Dear Facepunch Community,

My name’s Azuxie and if you couldn’t tell, I am new around here. This seems like a great community so I hope to earn some respect around here. I recently started posing in Garry’s Mod 10 and I just thought maybe someone would want to see my first creation. I would love some nice comments and constructive criticism. By the way, for this picture, I KNOW there are no pilots in the cockpit. Geesh! I’ve been told enough by my friends =)


You just recently started to pose and make this… What did you use to edit with?

Thanks for the comment! I used Photoshop CS5 with the Magic Bullet Photo Looks addon.

Simple but awesome.

Nice, but more like this:


In your picture, the choppers are barely visible because of the light. Try to edit stuff like that in PS, like I just did.
Other than that, it looks fine. Very simple though.
I think it could look really cool if you tried to add some kind of foreground, like a few buildings or something.

Thanks for the suggestion, however, this was a dusty desert so visibility was low. But I will definitely try to add a foreground next time. Thanks for the suggestions, bro =)

You got some potential man looking forward to seeing more from you.

Personally I say focus on what you can do without edits, you can make a great picture without editing but a picture can be ruined as well as saved by edits. best of luck on your future endeavors.

More like surprise helicopter buttsechs inbound. Aren’t they flying a bit too close to eachother?

Good lighting even it’s too bright, but looks real.

It’s kind of strange, but they actually aren’t. It just seems that way. Maybe it’s the sun or the dust or something? And just a message to everyone else, I really appreciate the enthusiasm and hope to make alot of friends here :slight_smile:

It’s good, but I wouldn’t consider it posing. I’ll wait to the part where you start actually posing (ragdolls) and will then give you criticism.

Still it’s better than most stuff new people come up with even without ragdolls.

Cool. I look forward to seeing more military themed pictures by you!

I’ll come up with something tonight. In fact, I have created a Garry’s Mod posing folder that contains 398 models so I am ready to go! Be on the lookout and thanks for the nice comments.

Great, I hope to see some good material soon. Try one w/o photoshop this time, try to produce the best results you can ingame.

Haha, I never said I actually used Photoshop in this one, I was just saying what I use to edit. As hard as it is to believe, this is all in-game.