Air Wars - Lock and Launch

:siren: The Gamemodetype might change
Air Wars
So,this is my new Gamemode.(probably)

In the final Gamemode you will have to choose betwen two Teams.

Both got different Aircrafts,Missile Types etc.

Missiles can be attached to your Plane,by pressing E on them.
After that,just hit the plane with the missile.
If you want to launch it sometime,you also got to arm it.
Just press e on it again,after its attached to your plane.
To launch them now,look at someone’s plane,and right click.
The locking process will start,and you need to keep your view on him.
After his locked,click(or hold) Mouse1,to launch one(or more) rockets.

Have a nice time,watching his plane burn,and crash.

Steering of the Plane will be probably done by using your Mouse,W and S for speeding up and breaking and Moth Buttons for Missiles Systems.

Well,there is not so much to explain anymore…

No Download for you ,its work in Progress :slight_smile:
But,I still need ideas suggestion etc.

Progress so far:
-2 different Planes
-Lots cool Effects
-Missiles locking and launching
-Costum Sounds
-The actual flying
-Hit detection


Things to do
-Work more on the Locking System
-Optimize the steering
-Crash Effects
-More Planes,and maybe Classes,like Bombers,Interceptors.

The Planes (will) have different Attributes,for
-Locking Time
(Suggest more,please.)

:siren: Media :siren:
(Nothing right now,I am gonna make a video soon.

I also might need a mapper later on,I could make it myself,but I am not that good,and the gamemode could be done faster.
(He needs to be able to make good Landscapes)

And I repeat,please suggest more!

Big Big Big thanks to Teta Bonita for helping me with Clientside Stuff and the Effects…
Also Credits to the maker of Military Models.

And thanks to Darkspider supporting me,and hosting a Test Server.

That sounds good.


-Bailing out - each player can spawn a plane. When shot down, player can jump on a parachute.

  • Armor attribute - some planes are slower, but better armored. Can sustain more gunfire/missile (non realistic, i know. But funny.)
  • Turrets. Like on bombers.

BASTARD! I was coding something just like this. Will still code though, because mine is a racing game.

Nice, you should add a ammo read out.

At first I read ‘Airlock Wars’, which would also have been an awesome gamemode, but this is nice, real nice. More then those half backed gamemodes other people post.

Maybe diffrent types of weapons and ammo for diffrent planes?

A machine gun for a fast fighter? Or a Harrier, maybe just Helicopters?
Or make too some infantry?

Edit. Never mind.

I could not get around to do a video yet, I am always adding new things that I do not want to miss in the video.

So here are a few screenshots

:siren:Following Screenshots are old!:siren:

Maybe Darkspider is gonna post some more

Took some screenshots as well

I think, when you lock on, it draws a red box around that plane. When you are fully locked, the box slowly gets smaller and turns green.

Pressing reload should switch between targets :slight_smile:

We need some Anti-air guns or missiles! ANd pilots need to use flares. And I’m guessing you based of this video?

Wow,that Video is like well,it is a lot like mine but well,I got the possibilities of Gmod 10.I did not see that Video befor.

And the steering of Gamemode in the
Video is pretty bad compared to mine.

Also Flares are already coded.

You should try to get these models resized so the maps will be the same size, but the planes will be smaller so it seems like the map is actually much bigger.

Trust me, a “bigger” map would be much more fun than having to constantly turn around all the time.

I’m interested on how you implemented the missile code.

Also, how about including stingers? Maybe some people to take the role of anti-air!
And also maybe add some anti-air tanks. Also, please add an A10! It could be used against some anti-air tanks. Or maybe ingame missions!
Some examples you might include:
Anti-air tanks:

Player held stinger:


Yea,the Bomber is the next plane I was gonna do.
It is gonna have 6 Wing Slots and a big Gatling turret.

And yea,I also thought of an AA,but i do not have a model of it.
(Must be splitted in socket and upper,so I would be able ot rotate it.)

The one of DoD does not work.

That means Someone have to rip the models at least!
And maybe the A10 could be used in some sort of ingame mission? Like destroy 5 tanks.

:siren: Open Aplha Testing :siren:

Server :
DarklandServer #4 Air Wars


-Its Over-

Awe man I really wanted to try this out. Tell me when you’re gonna alpha test it again :smiley: