Airboat Down - Metrocop sinks with his airboat into the depths of the sea

It’s a quickie.


also i wanted to see water effects… :frowning:

Not bad for a quickie. But you should turn on AA.

In actuallity it would if it was damaged (of course)


Did you recreate the god awful movie WOTS?

How did you not like it? It’s just WOTW in Gmod form.

It bastardized the Jeff Wayne version and made everyone believe MORE that the fuckfest of 2005 WOTW Was the real version

And no before you ask i’m NOT deathbucket, i heard the album as a toddler and i like it. but i’m not exactly gonna go pose from it unlike him.

I liked WOTS :saddowns:

I thought it was over-hyped and didn’t deliver much of its ‘promises’. Not a bad picture, the AA a tad low though…

Thanks all.
And no, I was thinking about my airboat-plane thing using only 4 thrusters.

Pretty awesome.