Airboat madness

This one is betetr, the other one whas kinda rushed :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes this ones better, try to stray away from construct though.’

Keep up the good work.

The idea is good, but the screenshot itself sucks in every way I can possibly think of.

DUDE cant you just stfu? i heavnt seen anything from you

Thar you go.

not anything special…

You call that constructive critism? Work on posing and don’t use construct. And you could edit it if you can.

Being a little bit of a dick there man.

Ignore BigTooth, he’s just a troll.

The posing is pretty good, but as Enhanced said, stay away from Construct.

Tnx :smiley: and yea im going to pose on the orginal tf2 maps

I’m a troll for expressing my opinion? :colbert:

That’s great idea, if you’re going to use tf2 models.

Thats face punch for you :smile:

Your opinions lack the decisions of what Lord Enhanced AI was born to be descended on.
You lack the cruel hard cold constructive-criticism as this section truly tells you by nature to understand
our least few concepts to never judge your work compared to the Original Posters works.You sir must understand this forum, like you understand
how to go do your daily basis things. This is a world of opportunity to the gates of art (Garry’s Mod 10 art) To do so I say you must follow our rules or leave.

Thank you.


You’re a troll because you act like an idiot, thinking you’re better than everyone else at screenshotting.

You’re not.

I agree

Translation: Get out.

Quote me where I specifically stated that I was better then everyon else at screenshotting. Good luck - because I never did.

And AFAIK, trolling isn’t when you act like an idiot. When you act like an idiot you are, well, an idiot. And I never stated I never was an idiot either, for that matter.

Also, TO BE HONEST, I actually like the new picture you added OP. It looks a lot better then the old one, but I’d say you do something about the Bloom, as it looks a little… bright…

You’re acting like an idiot to enrage people, and correct me if I’m wrong, but that is trolling.

If you’re gonna hang around here, please just be nicer.