Airboat Race Course - Freespace v2.1

Iv been out of the GMod game for quite a while now and so decided I would have a go at building something. I stuggled choosing what to go for but recently I have been playing Trackmania alot, mainly building tracks so I decided I would build a race track because everyone loves a race.

Built on Freespace v2.1, this airboat track mixes everything together; Land with water, fast straights with tight cornering, fun with competition.
Up to 5 people can race at one time, there is room in the hanger for more airboats if you remove the starting barrier but I think more than 5 it will end up too crowded on the course.
The race is started either by pressing Enter or the button to the left of the start lights. I have guessed that their might be a few cheating noobs on servers who would try and jump the barrel sections of the course so I have placed invisable containers behind the barriers to stop people trying to cut the course.

Course time is about 1min 25secs, for best results avoid trying to brake, just lift off the throttle to slow down.

Time for a tour of the track -
Course Overview:

Start line on red lights:


First Chicane:

Take a quick jump onto land:

Back into water for the hairpin:

Quick chicane:

Long right-hander between the moared boats:

Double Hairpin that narrows:

Out the water & onto land:

Into the scrappage area with tightening left, right, left cornering:

Small straight into the city area:

Another chicane:

Long Straight:

Smash through the boxes but avoid the bins:

Track opens up where you can go safe around the side or risk the direct root down the canyon:

Upon to the bridge to the finishline through the boxes:


I like it but try not to use so many cargo containers, more boats too :smiley: you rawk at boatz.

Lol, dang it angus, i was about to get all pissed about thread bumpage again before I saw this was new.

yeah, just less cargo, the city/junk/water guide parts have a good atmosphere to them. Acctualy, that would be way sick, themed race tracks.




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Well iv started on a new track that is so far just going to be a gaint scrapyard, i just wondering weather to have make it all out of scrap or have a city section in it??


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Can’t see why you have dumb ratings, I thought this was pretty original.

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