Airboat Style Vehicle Models

[tab]Foreshadowing:[/tab]Right, I’m planning on making a water-based RP thing on a big watery map, and people need to get around.
So, I’m planning on selling airboats (as cars sink).
However, there is only one airboat, and people love variation (and extra seats), so I was hoping someone could make me some more Airboat models that I can turn into vehicles. If you wish, I do not mind releasing the vehicle’d models publicly.
[tab]Reference Pics:[/tab]

[tab]Direct Request:[/tab]Please could someone make a few flat-bottomed air/swamp-boat models with enough space for 2-6 passengers (maybe three models, 2, 4 and 6?) and if possible multiple coloured skins.

I’ll give you $20.

Odd, I would have thought that the prospect of money would tempt at least someone.

Would it not be possible with the normal airboat, and add some parts to it using weld and nocollide and etc?

Saves you money, and time, and its easy to do?

I’ve got an automated system that spawns vehicles when a user presses ‘use’ on the vehicle item in their inventory. I would need to construct various unique ‘airboats’, then work out the angles and positions of each prop relative to the base airboat vehicle, then make a table setting each one out. I’d then have to modify the spawning system to go through the list and correctly weld each part to it’s peers and the airboat, and nocollide them all. Then I would need to modify the collision detection system to work out if any of the extra parts was spawned in the wall. Then I would need to make an entirely new system to make it so that pressing ‘use’ on any of the props would have the same effect as pressing ‘use’ on the vehicle.
After that I would have a mess of props welded to an ugly airboat, messing up the physics and causing lag.
I could get someone to make some nice looking new airboat models, tweak a few settings in the airboat script for each one to tell it about its wonderful new shape and then create an entry in the vehicle list.

The first way sounds much simpler tbh, as modelling stuff from scratch is nowhere near as easy as you seem to think it is.

It’s true I barely know about modeling, but wouldn’t it be a case of decompiling the existing airboat to retain the fan and the bits that move when the vehicle moves and then removing the cage and changing the two long bits into a large flat bit?


Oh and maybe a bit of skinning to make the thing look new rather than something dredged from the bottom of a radioactive swamp.


Hmm…go find the “hover jetbike” model. If you can find the thread as well, you’ll see that there is a small problem with airboat-based vehicles. They all have the same, twin-pontoon water trail (as in the shape of the wake the vehicle leaves in the water)!

Could shove two spikey bits out the back to explain it. :3:


(Note: I didn’t make the hoverbike, if that’s what you think.)