Airboat track builder

It is a airboat track constructor to help get around the pain of doing it with the stacker tool.

Please only post positive comments or suggestions of what to add.

List of things to add:
tunnels (considering not to do)(i can give u a screenshot soon of what it would look like)
spiral incline (idk if i feel like adding this but it can be cool)

List of things done:
fences (done)
quarter pipe (done)
saving(ehh just use adv dupe)
wire camera(done)

This is made with a phx plate, wire buttons, wire screens, graphics tablet, digital screen, and stool turrets.

Just to explain what stool turrets are:
Stool turrets are entities that will act like the tool that you have selected
It could be any tool that you have including wire tools
What is used is the stacker stool that each has a specific parameter for each one.(used 16 already)

here have a video:

and another:

sorry the music got removed by youtube police D:
this is not made by the constructor just has ideas for what to add PLZ POST MOAR IDEAS

I has wire cam which allows you to look around your track and delete things you dont want
no sound


It uses the graphics tablet to round to the nearest set of units which it gives to a teleporter. Which then uses stool turrets to stack the prop that is needed. While displaying what space the prop will take up on the front screen and giving you information on the left screen of what the prop will look like on the front screen.

Holy shit

Fuck sake, I came in here ready to rage my pants off but this turned out to be amazing. How about a bunch of presets?

Holy cheese. That looks awesome. You should defiantly to the spiral incline.

Woaw! This is a fucking kickass!

Really interesting. You took something simple, and made it complex. Normally I’d hate things like this, but it is quite practical for build servers and does look fun. I like it.

Dude, that is amazing. How does the track get assembled? Can E2 spawn props?

Remind’s me of Re-Volt…

Thread is too simple considering how fucking awesome this is, give us some details!


oh wow


Wow, holy shit. This completely blew my expectations away.


Shit, I expected much less from the title name. This is pretty awesome compared to what I’ve seen through lurking.

All I can say on it is good luck.

And people say Wiremod sucks. Ha!

Wow never expected this! Great idea!

I imagined a contraption putting containers in place, but this. This is even better!

I salute you, good sir! re-volt was awesome!

An original idea! As Bredirish123 said, you really took something simple and made it complex, I salute to you my friend :D.