Airboats playing all of it's sounds and not stopping sounds.

It’s hard to describe but I can’t tell what’s caused it no new addons or anything has caused this. It just randomly occurred and is persistent even with uninstalling some less essential addons.


There’s a basic of what happens in the video, sounds never stop after getting out but calling stopsound fixes it for the moment… not sure everyone on the server has it happen…

I used grep to search for any mentions of “Airboat” and “prop_vehicle_airboat” but nothing turns up besides the normal stuff… any suggestions?

Run the game with -noaddons -noworkshop and see if the issue persists. If it does - it’s one of your addons.

Also try verifying your game cache.

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Same for your server if that is a server.

So the issue was a hook. EntityEmitSound setting the sound volume to 0.5 then returning true causes it…

The code was something like…

hook.Add( "EntityEmitSound", "HookName", function(s) 
    if SERVER then
	s.Volume = 0.5
	return true
    if s.Entity and s.Entity.IsPlayer and s.Entity:IsPlayer() then
	//get weapon lower sound based on distance rather than having it global