Airborne shooting a german

Wouldn’t there be an exit wound and brass ejecting out of the P38 and the Thompson?

There may not be an exit would, especially with the shoulder. And brass, well, yes.

Correction: There will be an exit wound, especially with the shoulder.

A .45 shot at such a close distance WOULD cause an exit wound, due to the shoulder only being ehh, 8 inches thick.
The muzzleflashes are way too bright, and need to be way more smokey, and the blood splatter is way too blobby, blood shoots out like a mist, then it pours out.

The posing is also pretty stiff, especially the guy getting shot, also HIPFIRE HIPFIRE HIPFIRE.

You’ve earned yourself a box fort.

I was thinking of the muscle tendons, as well as the major bones and joints being in the shoulder having a larger chance at stopping the bullet internally, but I will gladly accept my fort.

Muzzleflashes are out-of place, and too yellow. The posing is alright, but seriously man, try some new stuff.

Considering the height of impact, it would just be going through his trapezius muscle. Abit lower, and it would go through his Scapul which is rather thin. Going lower though the trapezius gets alot thicker and then there’s also the Clavicle bone, which has a good chance of causing the round to mushroom or tumble prematurely.