Airborne soldier kills german officer

A game of Blink WW2 Style…besides that, the blood effects need work, muzzle flash too, other then that awesome.

The Germans always die in those pics I dunn get it,

what map is that… looks good

:frowning: i’ll make em win soon

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it’s from RnL mod.

my advice has been taken

Obviously Germans are just evil people that deserve to not live.

Just kidding. I have close friends of German descent and I love them. Chances are whomever makes the pose grew up learning that the Germans (not the Nazi’s (I will grant WWI was Germany as a country, but they were hardly the only force… right?)) were the enemy to their country.

Just thought I should throw this out here: I have the utmost respect for any soldier, just not their actions.

On topic of the pose:
I feel like the right arm of the German soldier is a bit awkwardly posed.

Why are they so close to each other? Did one of them just jump out from the ground?


Must suck to die like that :stuck_out_tongue:

OWNED. Very well made.

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Because America and Russia got together and took Germany’s national lunch money.

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Why the hell the German would be saying a Japanese term that wasn’t used along with a suicide attack unless they were about to be defeated, I don’t know.

America and Russia, what about Britain? As I see it if your in the fight from the start your not in it at all