Airborne soldiers meet up

“About time you showed up, Jackson!”

Sorry the thread title sounds so boring, but I couldn’t think of anything that was both interesting and descriptive.

The posing is pretty good but a better camera angle would definitely make it better

Is this a map from RnL ?

'Cause when I try to lauch it with Gmod, it’s crash.

Nope. It’s dod_almere from Baguet Map Pack. BTW you should ask Jim_Riley for the RnL maps.

I like it…but try using DoF :slight_smile:

Lots of wasted space but the posing is quite good.

How to get RnL stuff and maps into Garry’s mod >

Some editing would be good.

No picture ever needs editing J_Hat. Great picture, fix the posing a bit. 10/10 + 1x Artistic.

He didn’t say that it needed

Thanks for the comments. I’d like to edit it, but sadly, I have the editing skills of a stump.


Oh good god, don’t hurt me! :byodood:

Lol @ Stump. Anyways back to the topic, the posing is quite good. Like others have said, tad empty but that’s not a serious problem.
Only thing is I was a tad misled by the title. When you said “Airborne” I was expecting the shot to be… Well… In the air.

where do u get that soldiers ragdolls?!?