Airborne with dah Sherman.



Very nice :smiley:

Very nice! I’m glad I let you test it!

I got my Sherman pic coming up also Bloo!

Good by the way.

Lol at the sleeping Airborne manning the MG. :buddy:

Right… That’s what he’s doing… He’s sleeping…

Hes dead

D: Who killed him? Give me a answer. Oh wait… c:

Oh lol, it looked like he was sleeping there.

Very nice, but I think it’s way too bright.

Well, that German guy looks like he’s sleeping.

Thanks for all the comments c:

They’re both sleeping


Sleeping on Duty is a no no

He just lost his contact is all

Bloom is pretty excessive. Otherwise, nice.

where u ve got the shermy? :3

This was from 3 Years ago… What a bump. Check the last post date next time you post.