Airburst Inbound

Inspired from the “Absolut Generic” thread, I’d thought I’d make my own copy-and-paste war pic.

This one takes place in a hypothetical battle in the Vogelsberg Mountains in Germany during a fully escalated Cold War. Here, we see two US Army Rangers in a Forward Observer roll calling for fires against a Soviet outpost.

Shortly after radioing in a nearby F-16 and providing coordinates, the two advertent Rangers witnessed a 500-lb bomb air-burst over the outpost. Shrapnel struck the ground violently before the hapless Russians even gathered what was happening.

Yeah that’s right, bitch. I used glass bottles for his gear.

Have you no shame?!

That’s an awfully shiny pair of binos he’s got there. Other than that, looks good.

They absorb 98% of the electro-magnetic spectrum though, making them nearly undetectable to all forms of opto-electric sensory equipment.

I like how some of the shrapnel is hitting the water.

Ouch the bloom… and oh God the bottles. Wtf.

The airburst and shrapnel impacts and such look good though. Looks really small for a 500lb-er though. I mean, it could just be an air-bursting RPG by the look of it.

…The bottles become really obvious when I mention them, don’t they? In my defense, it was the only thing that I could’ve made the webbing out of. As for the bloom, I wanted to contrast the bright open space with the dark forest that the soldiers were residing in.

The reason why the explosion in question looks so small is because I wanted the flash to be the pinnacle of it. If the outer boundaries of the explosion had been more expansive, then the flash would’ve dissipated by that point in time.

P.S. Rangers are very eco-conservative. That’s why they recycle bottles and use them as binoculars.

If that’s so then you shouldn’t have made the webbing at all.

I’m afraid that hasn’t worked because the forest doesn’t look dark and the soldiers in the forest are glowing madly.

I’m not sure I understand this at all.

Uh, or you could have just used the webbing that is on the model?

I didn’t find any models that had webbing. Oh fuck it. I’ll just be a little more creative next time.

That exact model you are using comes with webbing. Learn to read the release OP before downloading it.

Or use MW2 models and their various reskins.
They have MOLLE instead of ALICE though, if thats what you mean by webbing.

Just to irritate all of you, I bought this beautiful clusterfuck off of Ebay:

Cork is also available for it in the event that the user might want to store precious liquids such as water, grape-drank and semen. However, I’d thought that I’d spend the extra money on other customizeables, just to make it look that much uglier.