Airco DH2 v3.0

The third version of my DH2, which actually looks like a real DH2 now lol (no more wireframe fuselage.)

Unfinished prototype:[/media]

Near final:

Among all of the other custom models, it showcases my Bentley BR.2 model (you have probably seen it in the models forum) which took around 5 hours to make. The DH2 itself took all night (10 PM-6 AM) to make. I was in the process of adding a rudder and elevators to the tail when the Joystick module broke and couldn’t show those off.

On another note, if anyone has any idea why the Joystick module is failing, I’d like to know.

Colour the effect 0 alpha, 2 get rid of that green ring

I miss the old days where it would just disappear if you didn’t point the physgun at it for a few seconds :confused:

Then bug someone who knows how to code to do such a thing.

Nice plane btw.

Why is the engine pistons spinning?

Nice plane, but yeah why is the engine spinning LOL? Also get rid of those front landing wheels and put the same ones like on the rear.

Because thats the engine… The force of the engine spinning makes the propellor go right round baby

I’m guessing he’s trying to make it look like a rotary engine. This kind of engine was used a lot during world war 1.

Make the elevator less of a box and you have yourself a winner.

‘‘in which the crankshaft remained stationary and the entire cylinder block rotated around it’’

Nice Airplane still :3

Highly informative video of what a rotary engine is:

Bentley BR.2:

I was planning on that when the Joystick module died and couldn’t do anything further.

Stupid french.

Most of the rotary engine planes would flip over instantly on take off with some of the more inexperienced pilots because of the torque.

Wanaka, New Zealand April 2004

Awesome, that vid is shot here.

New Zealand Ftw

:downs: The Airco company was based in England. The original DH2 used a Gnome engine, but the bentley BR.2 was made in England.

Can we have an airbattle sometime? I just started building my own version, made up the tail myself just need to put some details on it and arm it and add rudders. I quick flight so far all ok.

Sorry to thread jack :frowning:

Where did you get the speedometer at the bottom of the screen?

Lol, that thing looks so hacked. It looks like a combination of a DH2 and a P38 and that one Japanese fighter I can’t remember the name of.

I generally don’t have dogfights with anyone, because the times I did, they just put tons of thrusters and seeking rockets all over their planes which made it ridiculous and pointless.

why is the radial engine spinning

also it’s just a custom model that flies

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they made this addon that allow torque to be converted into thrust

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