Airdrop command not working properly

Hi guys,

I created a server a day ago and am just getting the hang all of the console commands.
The airdrop.min_players, doesnt seem to work.

If I for example type in airdrop.min_players 50, it still spawns airdrops even if my server currently only has 25 players on it.
My guess is that it’s still set to the default amount, because I always have at least 15 players playing.

Also, if I type in the command It only shows the line I wrote.

If I for example type in the command for giving myself a wooden door the console says: Given 1x wood to Decara!

With the airdrop line it only shows the line I wrote, in green, I dont get the another blue responsive line from the server.

Anyone knows what I could be doing wrong?

Also tried typing in: airdrop.min_players ‘‘50’’, did not work as well

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I’m 100 % sure I’m not mispelling the command line and that I am logged in as admin btw

I’m not sure if this is a setting that you can change on the fly while the server is running…
I added a line for it in server.cfg to automatically set it everytime the server starts.

Thanks a bunch pal, would the line be the same as console command?
Only then put it in the control panel on your server… Makes sense

Yep it’s exactly the same as you would type it into the console… I’m pretty sure that you CAN set it on the fly, but I’ve never tried, easier just to put it into the cfg.

Toke your advice and but it in the cgf. file!
Thanks again man :wink: