airdrop frequency with Magma

I dont understand why there no more drop happening we are set at 15 players restarted the server and we was 21-25 for about 2-3 hours and we got no drop. How do we switch the frequency for it drop more?

Edit : Also how do we fix /history ?

Thanks for your answer.

There is currently a bug on a few servers. Noone actually knows why. I have the issue on multiplay as well. Some others dont have this issue.
Try to use a plugin until its fixed. Or do it manually.

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If you are on Multiplay, history should have been fixed. If you are not on multiplay. Use the fixxed LUA File, located here:

Thanks for the quick answer if you find the problem let me know.

You may want to check the MAGMA thread on this.

But if you need an air drop use airdrop.drop in consoleā€¦