airdrop.min_players "x" doesn't work


I edited the server.cfg file with the command airdrop.min_players “3”. But it doesn’t work… When I’m ingame and I try to change with the console, it says the the amount was changed from 3 to 3. So in my opinion it’s all correct but it doesn’t work.

Anyone some ideas `?

Works fine in my server, airdrops happen every midday. Have you tried restarting the server? Maybe it doesn’t register the changes for some reason.

It resets if you restart the server

Doesn’t reset for me, if you have it in .cfg

Yeah I did restart it. And it doesn’t reset it …
Some more ideas ? :confused:

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I just recognized, that rusty isn’t showing me the current daytime of my server… Could that be the problem … ?

In my server it doesn’t works too.
There are an average of 50 players, and min_players set at 20.

Not an automatic airdrop has been seen in 20 days, not even after my multiply restart I’ve done.

Does someone please knows why?

Also my server is totally Vanilla, no Magma or Oxide are installed.

We have a vanilla server and this feature has not worked for weeks…

Mine is at 40 and it works all the time but it goes back to 50 every restart is there anyway to save the config from rcon.

Same here. Also, foundations top working every few days as well, requiring a reset. My server is also Multiplay.

It doesn’t work even if I save the command in server.cfg.
This need a fix

It seems, that this problem is only on multiplay servers. A friend of mine has a server by “” and everything works fine, since the update -.-

Goddamit, Multiplay…
Have someone of you tried submit a ticket to them?

yes - I have 2 servers - 1 of - AIRDROP works fine and 2 of Multiplay - AIRDROP dont work :zoid:

we had to do manual on our server but last day or so its been working automatically

Same issue on my server, which happens to be a Mutiplay server.

I’m on HFB servers and it doesn’t work.

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Problem solved. Just had to go into my server control panel and run “Steam Update”. I am using HFB Servers so I’m not sure how other server providers have their control panels setup, but using the steam update worked gloriously.

how to check the version of my multiplay server?

As it’s written here, Multyplay Servers auto-update themselves, but for this patch there probably is a issue or something…

I just submit a ticket to them, because it isn’t related only on airdrops, but on the whole patch as I encountered again on my server the Foundations issue.

Just waiting for their response, I’ll let you know it asap

The foundation breaking issue only happens on constantly running servers. Restart your server often and it won’t happen.