Airdrop predator.

Concept of idea:

With airdrop we have a 50% chance to see one more box… but its not a standart box, its a cage with a mutant animal, created by biology since. Its a predator.
This cage is getting down much faster then other boxes. When cage is on the ground - predator escapes from cage and searching for cover (its may be a rocks or someones home with a hole.)
Predator build his home from mucus… the walls take a corrupted look. This walls cant be blow or destroyed( and u cant build someting near with his cage, its a rule ) .
Predators can walk on walls, hills and ceilings, he dont know any barriers to kill.
But he must eat for restore HP. After a dangerous fight or when he retreat from fight he need to restore hp… by mans with rocks, bows, pipe shotguns… he searching for a weakest enemy to eat his corps and restore HP.
Its not a similar animal AI, predator got agro level, he fast and can jump high and far… u cant run from him just pressing “W” he anyway catch you.

When predator goes on a hunt - he climb on the highest place near his home and do a scary roar (radius 300-600 metrs). Usualy he hunts on the night time… but if he wants to feed he can hun at day time too… or if he is a casualty…

Its a killing machine, but he can be killed. Just gave him 1000 damage(ofcourse he have a natural armor from bullets, arrows, and he cant be stucked like other animals.)
Also he is grabing treasures from deads and bringing it to his home. He build boxes from wizened mucus and store it… and defend it.

If u kill him u can gather him… his skin is strong for armor… his bones and teeths are sharp for arrows and melee weapons.

And remember… he is not alone.

Thx for reading, sry for my english.
And ofcourse some concept arts for muse of createons:

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Its gave to us cooperative and a general enemy!!!

I like the general direction behind the idea, but not the implementation. This sort of thing should spawn quietly without being involved with the air drop. People will just start getting murdered at night, then they’d have to band together in fear to find his lair, and raid it to stop the attacks.

Right direction! Rust needs a little more cooperate of each other players - this should be a general enemy, a wild hunter.

Hope dev-s. find my post…

thats not Predator

not sure why an airplane would drop resources + certain death

You want predators, yet you link aliens…

Yeah that also confused me. :v:

I think he just means “A predator” - not predator as in the movies…

But who knows :wink:

Well, it’s pretty irritating to use a picture of something which is known from something called Aliens vs. Predators. :v:

Predator was an alien though. This is quite an awesome idea too. But as the other chap suggested, silent spawn.

Aliens arent know from the Aliens VS. Predators movies… They are known from the Aliens movies :rolleyes: :wink: Where they act as a big badass predator :dance:

That’s Schwarzenegger you saw.

why would the guys giving the airdrops to help the people send down a thing to kill them all? might as well just nuke it :v:

Why we need to listen a cheater?

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And it should be dropped from different type of plane, so you could see from above that here it is.

thats all?

OMG really people… You want to nitpick over a picture? How about actually talking about the TOPIC at hand…

I like the idea, most of it… I agree, there should be a bigger threat that causes people to cooperate… Call it a raid, a world boss, whatever… Anything that encourages people to work together instead of constantly KOS’n each other has my vote.

Other options:

Have one spawn in a Rad town, it has to be defeated in order for anyone to raid the town for supplies…

Open world spawns, anywhere, anytime one shows up.

Fixed spawns, certain areas would be the creatures lair so to speak… Not really fond of that one, people will just camp…

But also the rewards have to justify the effort. No weapons, maybe some higher tier resources though.

Love the idea. It would be cool to drop a monster like this on an enemy base. Also if it was a random Air Drop that would be cool as well. Just because people get so excited about air drops then to find out it is an aggressive test mutant. Pretty much a Resident Evil 2 (The movie) idea. There needs to be world events to attract people out of their houses and an alternative to raiding peoples places.

Common enemy would be a great idea, one that is hard enough to require multiple fighters. That would still stick to a unscripted game play scenario while also encouraging strangers to cooperate.

I would enjoy this idea very much! A creature that spawns once every 60+ nights. Tough to kill and very quiet. A creature that only hunts during the night.

If caves get added in this thing needs to select one of these caves and hunt at night in the surrounding land. Maybe even change caves to whatevers nearest when it gets to a certain time of night where its time to ‘go hide again’. So he might kill 3-10 people a night and then hide…

Air drop a dinosaur. rollseyes