Airdrop rate and min players


I want to know the commands of the airdrop rates (how often the airdrop drop a day) and how much player the airdrop needed to drop a crate.
I hope you could help me :slight_smile:


No one could help me with the commands?

What type of server are you talking about?

its an non modded server, sry

I want to say that on vanilla servers the airdrop is noon. I could be incorrect.
The amounts are dictated by each server admin and could be as low as 1 to receive.
Are you a server admin? If so, you are always able to adjust that yourself,or at least able to see the default setting.

yes i am server admin. but how can i adjust it? i dont find any command for the airdrop settings.

Look in your configure files on your server

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Commands to configure airdrop are not available now.

that is bad atm… if they are alone at the server they starting to farm airdrops… :confused: