Airdrop Timer (Again)

function airdrop(ply)
//You don’t need your hook here
//What a hook does is it tells your function when to run, Your function will run on the exact same thick as your hook does
if #player.GetAll() >= 10 then
PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTTALK, “airdrop Spawned :D” )
local heli = ents.Create(“npc_helicopter”)
heli:SetPos( Vector(2971.953857, 10943.500000, 942.303406) )
timer.Simple(120, function() heli:Remove() end)

	local crate = ents.Create("air_drop_crate")
	crate:SetPos( Vector(2971.953857, 10943.500000, 942.303406) )

timer.Create(“airdroppEmit”, 10, 0, airdrop) --Spawns Ent every 30 minutes. (changed to ten for testing)
This isn’t working for some reason, No errors, wondering if you guys spot something :smiley:

try adding a print at the start of your airdrop function, and why are you feeding the function an argument?

add this after your comments and before the if statement

print("Timer Is Running!", #player.GetAll())

[lua] if #player.GetAll() >= 10 then
[/lua] Face palm