Airdrops broken?

Hi all,

So are airdrops broken for anyone in the recent update? we’re experiencing some issues on our vanilla server, min_players is defined to a reasonably low amount and they simply aren’t dropping. Running a vanilla server.


I am having the same exact problem. Set to 2 player min in my server. Players in my server keep asking me if I am sure I have it on. They think its not on because none seem to drop.

drops are broke. I thought everyone knew this. Lets hope this gets fixed in next patch.

If you are running mods you can setup a mod that makes the drops work.

I’ve just been dropping them manually for now which is a pain - been running vanilla. But yeah hopefully this will get sorted soon.

Yea they’ve been broken for a couple weeks now and yea it’s pretty annoying but I’m sure it’ll get fixed soon.

Depending on your server host you may be able to set up a scheduled rcon command to happen every hour to drop one each day.