Airdrops have stopped since Friday 20th?

Hi All,

I run a 75 player server that is reasonably popular (at the moment, don’t want jinx things…). However, since the mini-update on Friday 20th March we’ve not been having any airdrops?

We haven’t changed any config settings on the server either before or after the update (besides changing from 50 to 75 slots). We are running the most recent patch and seem to have no other issues. We are not running any mods.

Anyone have any ideas on what might be wrong here? Is anyone else having the same issue?

I play on 2 servers. Haven’t seen an air drop since just after the patch on Thursday. Neither has anyone else on those servers that I’ve asked.

They ran out of supplies.

Is your server Rusty Mott? If so, there was an airdrop on Sunday.

No, it isn’t Rusty Mott. I’ve been calling in the airdrops myself for the last couple of days whenever I remember to/am able to. It’s kind of annoying.

Airdrops are working just superfast. unless you’re server is having an issue.

Yeah, having asked our users no-one is observing airdrops. After playing nearly all weekend, I didn’t see or hear a single airdrop (that wasn’t manually called).

Ditto. Air drops were working after the patch on Thursday. Still high and fast, but at least audible. Then over the weekend, they stopped happening. Not sure exactly when. We just noticed it over the course of the weekend. Was asking other players who’d been on, and no one had seen any of both servers I play on. On one of the servers, the admin noticed this as well and would manually call one in once an hour or so to give people something. We’d see and hear those. But if he wasn’t on, there were no drops.

That’s what is happening for us - I’m currently calling them in from my phone periodically while at work to try and keep them going.

I’ve checked our config and even tried a server restart (just in case) and nothings changed.

I have noticed they take alot longer now like 30 mins or something before i notice one, so using rustadmin i have set a event to run every so often making sure drops happen. maybe an idea