Airdrops still off? (UK2 Official server)

I’ve been playing for hours and haven’t seen a single airdrop… anyone knows why? Also asked a few 24/7 players and they all said they saw no airdrop… This is on UK2 (Official server)
Does anyone know when will the airdrops return?

They were meant to be fixed according to patch notes. However they still do not work on my server.

Confirmed. Still not working on the server I’m playing in.

I’d like to think the admins are just lazy.

they work on my sever… thanks to magma.

I played on UK2 2 days ago and I couldnt place foundations I hope that is fixed at least

Tried foundation on an old server. Still breaks upon placement.

Surely they wouldn’t lie about having these bugs fixed?

If they’re not working on a server that you’re playing on… i’d say odds are that it hasn’t yet been updated. After applying the patch, airdrops have been forthcoming and the foundation bug is yet to be reported again.

As far as I understand it, I wouldn’t even be able to play on a server that has not yet been updated due to it not being in sync with the main client. In the past, said server has to be updated by the admin in order to even appear on the server lists.

Please let me know if I am at fault.

My server is updated, and the minimum number of players is currently set at 15. Yet no drops.

I take it the server you play on uses mods?

Yes, I believe modded servers already bypassed that problem since it started.

I’m on a vanilla server, by the way. Peak population is around 20 - 30, no one has ever seen an airdrop. At least those I’ve asked when I’m online anyway.