This needs to be fixed asap.

yes some noobs out there hate the airdrops but airdrops are a pivotal action building mechanic in this game that many people have come to love.

no c4’s in circulation, no one can blow anything, which is taking away the threat of losing your stuff which is a big part of the thrill of this game.

fix it.

no need to comment on here if you hate airdrops, just save your keystrokes

just think of those houses getting fatter though… ripe for when the drops come back =]

your admins/owners should be able to at least set a scheduled task to do an airdrop.drop maybe every hour. Seems to be working on my server.

I understand the game is in Alpha. I do.

But major features being removed and/or broken with no documentation or notices regarding them makes it very disadvantageous for those of us willing to pay for the server rental.

I think the lesson learned is to most likely wait until after alpha (at least with this game) before renting a server. At this point, there are simply too many servers and not enough players to fill them up. And the time involved trying to work around bugs such as lag or airdrops not working or w/e other issues seem to be cropping up is just becoming too time consuming for me to either fix or research.

I’m going to let the team progress with this game and I’ll potentially come back to it after.

So basically, “if you don’t agree with me your opinion doesn’t matter”?

That’s childish and ignorant.

That’s life in alpha, spelled out in practical terms: things may break without warning.

You’ve stumbled on the solution, too: if you can’t handle the problems that come with alpha, go away for a few weeks or months and go play other games, then come back and check on how Rust is doing.

If you’re worrying about “fixing” problems that come with a patch, like getting airdrops back after they’re systemically broken for some reason, and this is critical to you, you shouldn’t be playing in the alpha because your expectations are too high.

Yes, it sucks that features break after a patch, but alpha is a hard-hat construction zone. It happens and it’ll happen again.

I guess I should have clarified: items breaking without warning is one thing. But a lack of any dev response on the matter is quite another for those that are paying some sort of rental fee (which I am). There has been user reports of this, but if the devs or a rep from them can’t take the time out to clarify or at least confirm it, it’s quite another matter.

As it is now, if they can’t take the time to at least communicate with server renters (people who are contributing financially to their game on an ongoing basis) then I am quite content in not paying any more for it until this changes. Expectations as a player and as a paying renter are quite different on this matter. I really think they should stop renting out private servers if they can’t at least provide communication for the income they are receiving from it.


Do you not understand that the server rentals are going through private game server hosts and not Facepunch Studios? The people that are making money off of Rust server rentals are the GSPs like HFB and Nitrous Networks. There may be something in the agreements between FP and the GSPs where some royalty is paid to FP per server as a license or something, but I’m not aware of any such fees being paid, and even if that did exist it would be a small portion of the charges paid by server owners, and it would hardly be a primary profit source for the studio.

Facepunch Studios has no obligation to you with regards to your server rental through your GSP, that’s between you and your GSP. The devs have very good reasons to try and make the server software stable and functioning and all that, but unless your Service Level Agreement includes a signature from someone at FP, they owe you nothing at all in that respect.

Yet, he rolls around to other users thread’s and does exactly what he is telling others NOT to do in his thread.

The hypocrisy is strong from this one.

You can defend it any way you wish. And if you are fine with that, my hats off to you.

However, these patch notes they release with the patches can be easily added to by the devs. They choose not to. And they are getting some kind of financial recompense for licensing out their server to the GSPs.

In the end, for me it is unsatisfactory and I will choose how and when to use my money.

Yes, bricktown is just trolling the game altogether. Anything that’s not perfect right now is another reason for him to make a thread about it. “Ohh it’s been 6 months waaaaa” Get over it, the devs aren’t making the game for you and I guarantee it’s going to be WAYYY longer than 6 months to get this game done. If that doesn’t work for you, brickhouse, then find something else to play for a couple years and then come on back.

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The point that elix is trying to make is that you don’t seem to be separating Facepunch and the server hosts.

Also, patch notes. Right there on the main game page… oh and it’s also in Steam.
Things break. Who cares if the devs make a public statement, because guess what? It’s plastered all over the forums!! Why do you need the devs to say “airdrops are broken” when there’s already 4 threads on the first page in the forum for it?

It sounds like you want to be pandered to, and that’s not gunna happen.

And so will FP. After all you did give them your money to access their game early. In the ways of business, your money became their money once services were rendered. Those services being access to a game that is expected to be unfinished, unpolished, at times nonfuctional.

Not sure if most people realize but games stay in alpha stages for years. The general public may not realize this because typically games wouldnt be announced until well into the development process. By the time a game comes out as release it could have 2-3 years or more invested into it, and thats from large production companies. For being 10% complete this game already runs smoother than most other alpha releases and has quite a bit of content to keep active gameplay alive and well.

If there is still 90% of this game to be released and polished this game is looking to be a top seller for a long time to come

You’d be amazed at how many people don’t realize this… And honestly, for the most part that’s okay because early access games being readily available to the public at large is kind of a new thing.

I only started playing Rust in like early december or so, and that’s when I signed up for my forum account. Maybe I know what to expect in terms of major changes since I’ve been playing Kerbal Space Program for so long and I’ve seen how long their patches take to come out. But all these people who have only been playing for a couple months or even weeks and are already disheartened about progress.

At least Garry already has their money, I’m fine with waiting until we get an awesome game on our hands.
Anyone who leaves now isn’t going to affect my gameplay.