Airline Safty card

It’s a really simple request, I was wondering if someone can make me a quick model.

For those of you who have seen the movie Fight club, you will most likely know what i am talking about. Those who have not watched it, I seriously recommed you do.

Anyway this is my request, can some one make a simple model to scale (1.5 feet high, 1 foot wide) of the Airline safty card on Fight club?

It was originaly an idea for a cookie in my map but i dont know if im going to add it in or something else.


Front side,

Back side,

link to full picture (if you want it)

that is the worst safety card I have ever seen :geno:

lol i take it you have not seen Fight club?

still want this?

I loved that movie. I’d make the model, but I am not on my normal computer.

meh, il make it today…shouldnt take that long



Addon format + spawnlist

I haven’t tested this since I don’t have gmod on my laptop.

If you think it’s too small, I can scale it.

k ill take a look. thanks

well i took a look at it. Its perfect size and i can read the lettering :D. Thanks

BTW, its also breakable. I can make a nonbreakable one if u want.

lol i just noticed that. If you could, that would be great.