Airplane Battle in the Night Sky

First try on big landscape stuff instead of focusing on 1 or 2 soldiers.
Didn’t know how to do a lot of things, but I tried by using google and my knowledge.
So it might not be perfect but whatever.

Took me a while.

C&C appreciated.


Please reply, I wanna know how I did.

I like the night sky. The explosion looks to yellow, and the rocket’s trail looks too yellow as well and has too much black smoke. The explosion’s glow looks a little light, but it still looks fine.

Yeah the sky is awesome. The explosion is fine imo but there’s something wrong with the trail…Can’t tell what.

please use ‘Screen’

I’ve seen worse. Good effort.

As a pointer, missile-trail smoke should be nearly white.

the explosion needs work

Yeah, I didn’t know how to make good explosions and I couldn’t find good ones.
Also the missile trail I didn’t know how to do either, the only thing I was actually good at was the night sky.

makes me thing about the Deathstars videoclip Blitzkrierg

The explosion should be more orange, and there is still flames in the trail?

it looks really really nice, well done!