Airport rp development

I need a group to help me to develop a rp server in a airport map my idea is to have these availble jobs and run it under darkrp
Travel Agent
Air Marshall
Airport Police
Airport Doctors
Bus drivers
Flight Attendents
Hotel owner
rental car accossiate
Airline owners
Taxi Drivers
and anyathing else people will suggest
just i need some people to help me wit this

What you of course mean is “I want a group to make an RP server for me”

Do you not understand how god damned easy it is to make a DarkRP class? Adding those jobs involves adding one line to the code per job. You do not need help with that. You can probably scrounge the models and maps off others.

Fuck yea! Wait 4 hours just so my plane can start flying then the pilot DC’s midflight!

It can’t be more simple making a DarkRP class, brother from another mother.

You should add hijackers then it would be fun.

You mean terrorists?

No! He obviously meant stuerts.

Lol… Darkrp, don’t get me started.

For some reason, this is the only thing I can see happening:

Agreed, nice work on the image :sarcasm:

My GIMP skills certainly leave a bit to be desired :v:

This dude’s made THREE other threads about “Airport RP” and one’s been closed. He won’t give up!