Airport RP

I really want to start a airport dark rp and develop a airport map it would be awsome.


“Dark rp”

Just no.

You just felt like telling us this randomly or are you asking for help? If you’re asking for help, what will you be offering yourself, ideas guy?

Also, hasn’t this been talked about before? It sounds so fucking dull. Who wants to work on an airport?

wtf airport rp how the fuk

what do you do smuggle coccain and be airport copz

Satirical Lua King ratings really make my day

A+ thread

All the people want AirportRP just because they want to fly planes. I, myself, have RPed a lot and can RP decently but I won’t be able to RP while waiting for a minge to crash the plane at the airport.
“Honey, where do you want to go?”
“We can go to the other side of the runway cause that’s all this map has :D”

Go play Flight Sim X like me.

Uhhhhh. Is there not enough roleplay already?

Then go play a flight sim like FSX and IL2.

I wanted to say that the idea is not good.

What makes it even worse, is you guys replying to this thread… (Me too, but just stating it)

do i get to hijack a plane and drive it in to a skyscraper?

if no then i’m not interested.

A+ thread would read again

i think all those lua king ratings mean try it and let us laugh at your work. just a guess.

Is that how you and your friends play DarkRP?

Him and his fake girlfriend

Him and his girlfriend “GamerGurl69”

His hand sure has a weird username.

I like the cocain idea sounds pretty good LOL

Guys you have less than a mile of map space to actually build an airport, and you want to fly from it? This will never work.