Airport RunWay Texture

Where can i find one? the realistic one, thanks in advance

If you dont like that, then go to google earth and go to airports and get sections from there.

hmm, yea tnx that’s ok, well i want high res tho, but tnx

Well, if you were going to do that, you would have to photoshop some things together.

I really need one too

Runways are fucking massive, you’re gonna have to make your own because there is no photograph that is texture-resolution of an entire runway.

You could decompile and check what texture this guy used

He didn’t use a texture-- that runway is brush based. There’s a different texture for the stripes than there is for the pavement and it’s all put together with brushes. It’s a pretty good solution by itself because it removes the need for custom textures in the first place.

that’s good, but i need a dirtier one, cause i’m making a map for area52[51]

make your own then

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I stole one from Flight Sim. Looks awesome, especially when I turn on the runway lighting.