Airsoft Arena

Hi i am currently trying to make this mod with 1 friend,

we are in need of a Scripter and a Modeler,

the main objectives we will need is to create a new game mode and new weapons for Gmod and also to script for them and also to script the game mode. If you are intrested add me on steam name is spidermonkey123 or fatman121. Sorry if i messed up with anything.

our idea is to create a air soft mode, that will use air soft guns and other weapons. our aim is to have large open plan maps, seems that air soft guns get well less damaging from a distance then this will force closer combat and greater team work, most of the maps will be in usual air soft environments such as forests and fields with barricades. i am working on the first map currently and when it looks decent i will upload a pic Video sorry i didn’t take much time to edit or anything…

More details.
And are you “teh ideez gai”? You need to be able to do something. What scripting language, just give us more details.

Otherwise, I would like the idea of an “airsoft” or “paintball” war in-game, should be interesting.

Stopped reading there, good luck, dumb’d.

Glad to see a airsoft/paintball mod for gmod… I’d do the mapping if the models would be done.


A better description: Airsoft arena is a fast-placed gamemode where guns weight just like the original ones,but the ammunition you use to shoot are BB pellets.
The current gamemode is in [WIP] And we need modelers,LUA scripters,mappers.
If your interesed contact spidermonkey123 or fatman123 on steam.
Our aim is to make large open maps,where the airsoft guns do don’t even do actual damage(IRL it hurts abit,but if you play alot it doesn’t really hurt and you get used to it),but if you get hit,your tagged,and your out,you must stay down for 10-20 seconds,then you return to your base.
I’m currently working on a map now,will post pictures very soon.
Me and my few friends are currently working on it.
Basic gamemodes that Airsoft has in real life: Capture The flag,Sabotage(Destory the objective),Basic team elimination,deathmatch
The same rules apply like in real life airsoft matches.