Airsoft Course Map for s&box's dm98

Before I start I wanna say hi, I’m still pretty new to the forums and learning my way around, I’m glad to find a community that’s passionate for creating stuff in the Source 2 engine as I am. now for what you came for. :smile:.

I’ve started to create my first s&box map for dm98. The layout, theme and setting is a symmetrical indoor airsoft course mostly focused on close-based combat with some open space for long-range sniping.



So far, this is my first blockout pass, it took me around 4 hours with doing some sketching on paper then moving on to hammer 2. I’m open to any feedback and suggestions to continue to iterate on the blockout. I also wanna give a big thanks to @FrostPix for inspiring this map, it was while looking at his dm98 map that the idea popped up in my head. I hope to test some of his maps out when i get s&box.

Thanks for swinging by and looking at my map. :blush:


Really look great, simple but effecient.

You could maybe use interactive doors or windows for more dynamics.

Blocking top of walls that are not meant to be jumped on could be great aswell to force the usage of the map :thinking:

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Thanks for the suggestion :smile:, I wanna put some small rooms with doors to change up the feel. I might rise up the wall up later when going through another pass.

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yeah you maybe can make variation of your map so each round the map is set up differently. I don’t have strong idea of how it would work yet tho :sweat_smile:

the design of the map is great like this idk if i correctly understand what you meant but i think you probably should had invisible walls on the tops of walls that are not meant to be jumped on as i said because we all know that people might bhop on it or things like that and make the original vertical set up of the map useless. :hugs:

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:joy::joy: I can literally see someone bhopping on my map, I would like to encourage that behaviour if it does happen to see what I can add, improve or remove, but if it does break the map I would rise up the walls.

As for creating variations on my map after each round, the only way I can think of doing that is creating multiple arenas in the same map with each round cycling through them without reloading to a different map

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yeah didn’t remember of this but you should definitely do that to make a big airsoft map with variations, more/less interactions things like that it sound awesome :smiley:

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Honestly I quite like it! I’m glad I was able to inspire you and I hope you create more in the future!

I would like to point out though that the walls seem a bit too low in my opinion and in some places it feels like its too narrow. Though for deathmatch it would be great but if this was to be used in multiple gamemodes like Team Deathmatch (Which this map seems to hint at being), teammates will just keep blocking each other or just jump on each other to get on top of the walls.

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Thanks for the feedback :grin:, the walls definitely are a bit short looking back at it, I will increase them in the next pass. The map is gonna be a dm map, didn’t really envision it to be a team deathmatch map but I guess I did make it confusing color coating the areas. I’ll probably remove them in the next pass too.

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you always can make various arenas useable in various gamemode

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