so i was just recording a bit of rust, for my first life series. When suddenly the sky erupted!
Tell me what you think? is this normal? It happens at 0:52

It was likely a server admin spawning in alot of airdrops at once mate, not normal but nothing special either =P

Alright well, it was my first time on the game. So you understand my confusion :slight_smile:

This is why i only play official servers or servers i know admins don’t try to enjoy their privileges

I want it to be a survival where everyone is on the same foot and not I need some c4… lets put some airdrops on my roof alpha or not, just ruins the fun for me

Also imo doesn’t look good on a youtube vid if server admin is abusing <— edit —> Or maybe you joined a PVE building server or something so it just gives u shit tons of drops?

Hah, no worries mate.

He didnt know it was abuse, you cant fault him for that

Hmm, i agree. After the next few hours of me playing on that server however, it didn’t happen again.

Admin abuse then, if it happens, go get the free stuff. I see no reason not to profit off of bad admins, its how i got a ton of gear on Minecraft O_o

Thanks man :smiley:

I’m not, his new to the game but if I was him I would just go find a better server

I guess it’s alpha so it’s everyone’s choice on how they play but I don’t think it’s the best idea to get too comfy from it if he plans to play serious, it’s a hardcore survive and that is why i bought it because i knew it was that, if i was playing dayz and the admin let us all spawn with armour and guns the game would lose all meaning in less than a day

Take my advice, if you want to play RUST for what it is, find a serious server and buckle down

Already have

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