AirVehicles Addon Fix - Planes crashing into water crashes server. Need a fix for this.

It causes a lot of grief to know that whenever a jet from this pack is crashed into the water in any map, the server will crash- even if it so much as touches the water, a crash is risked. I would like a scripter to figure out what might cause this crash and try to fix it. I do not know if this happens in SP because I’ve only ever flown the jets on my own server with others playing too. If you need a server to test it out on, then I can provide one.

I would like it for the file to be separate for the addon, or a replacement of a file in the script already (or just instructions on what to change the file to). I am willing to cooperate with any scripter that’s interested in helping me over Steam Friends or on this topic which I will keep bookmarked so I can quickly reply to it.

I noticed that too

Would be really nice for someone to fix it