AI's Adventure.

Damn that’s an enthusiastic title.

Excuse the invisible chair

the the overall blurryness.

Damn I need to work on layouts.

har har

Go tap that ass man.


Oh hurf durf, AI.

Oh AI, you and your shenanigans.
And your wearing part of Luigi’s forehead.
Why don’t you just let someone hack the hat off?

Because I went through the trouble of making all of it invisible.

You missed part of the forehead :buddy:

Luigi doesn’t get peach anyway.

You gotta settle for daisy and her baby face.

Everyone is doing these now.

overall that was hilarious. but whats with the E on luigi’s hat?

Nice hat you got there.

He is Enhanced_AI, so his hat reflects that.

Looks good. Though why won’t it enlarge?

Because that’s the actuall size.

I hate resizing things.

Oh okay.

I would just like to read it…

well have this instead.

Wow! Wish I had posing skills like that! Thanks!

Man you’re screwed.

Haha, indeed.

And attempt and use your mind powers to take down a plane and make it hit turtlehead.