Aisle of Torment

C&C is always appreciated.

It’s uh…dark.

Really all I can see is a single Order soldier lit by one or two lamps and a few dimly lit necromorphs.

It’s a neat idea, but if it had more necromorphs and better lighting, it could be really great.

Love the pic, though the one little bit of leg on the one… thing? made me confused as to if they’re robots or zombies.
To me the leg looks like a rusty piece of metal.
Either way, awesome pic.

Darn, I half-expected there to be Chaos in here for some reason…

I rather like it. It’s not showing too much, just enough to understand what’s about to happen.

The name is rather fitting, as I can see where the concept of “Isle” and “Torment” both interplay.

The actual soldier appears to be floating a bit, though I’m sure this effect is intentional, with it’s foot being as close to the creatures, it’s a bit difficult to interpret. Perhaps pulling said model out of the fray a bit.

In all, fantastic work.

I want to say that the execution is meh while the concept is good, however I’m having trouble understanding what’s in the picture and therefore the concept itself. :frowning:

E: That is due to lighting mainly - I’m guessing it’s too dark. Whatever it is you’re making, I think some added contrast between the more illuminated parts of the picture to the darker parts of it would work better.

I also think the blur on the blueish subject doesn’t fit so well.