AK Recoil

In my opinion the Ak recoil while standing is too big. I dont want crouch all the time to get a normal recoil. Its possible to balance it ith the other weapons. Make the bullet velocity of the other weapons higher and everyone is happy.

As this game is in development stages, this can change, however if the request got big enough “Lots of people talking about it” I’m sure the FP team would take notice or try asking garry at http://ask.fm/garryjnewman

The recoil seems pretty legit for an ak. IRL you would kneel to shoot it anyway so i dont really see a problem. An ak kicks pretty damn hard and if you can hold it on target standing you are more of a man than i ever will be!

Yeah thats right but the ak in rust shoots much slower and the damage is very small.

in real life you dont fix yourself with syringes after being shot dont pull that card please, all we demand is slightyless recoil so shooting non crouched gets viable again.

Yes please, fix recoil for AK. In real life AK is more accurate

In my opinion, the AK was complained about too much already to buff it again. Please dont steal our dear developers time with such bullshit. I promise, even if they changed the way AKs work, in 1 week there would be 20 new topics from self proclaimed rust experts demanding a nerf.

People just cant seem to agree with each other whether or not the recoil is good and whatever the developers will do to it, there will be people complaining here all the time, it hasn’t been different half a year ago when it was balanced.

Frozen you shoot AKs every day huh?

Are you shitting me? The AK is already stupidly overpowered. One shot with an AK will kill anyone that hasn’t fully healed themselves.

they could nerf the damage it does to naked bodies and increase headshot damage and keep the damage against armor as it is now.
boom, pvp will be much more skilled again

Curious, if it wasn’t such a big deal then why would someone make a cheat for it?

So you’re an expert in AK in real life. hmm

Ak is inaccurate as hell IRL but extremely reliable. The parts are too loose to shoot really all that straight but you can fill the barrel with mud and it will still shoot (please dont do that; overexageration). The ak in game is a pretty accurate representation of the real thing maybe a little better. I wouldnt say im an expert but i got a semi ak and shot the autos so i got a pretty good idea of how they work. Im surprised the guys at face punce got it so close being based in europe unless they somehow got access to some weapons. I knew it, Gary is a game designer by day and arms dealer by night!!!

And I am just sitting here, used the AK only twice in my whole Rust career, so I don’t have any clue where everybody is talking about.:v: